Women’s Head Run Up

The Vesta women and their coaches have been working hard through the gruelling months of January and February, with a few obstacles to contend and overcome!

Firstly, they didn’t allow the nasty icy conditions at the Docks stop their seat racing. The squad succeeded in completing their racing matrix in small boats in the snow. The Rememham Challenge and Quintin Head have been good opportunities to test racing speed and our top crew was 2nd fastest women in both events.

Henley Eights and Fours was cancelled on weekend of 15th Febraury, but instead Vesta welcomed Oxford University Women’s Lightweights (OUWLRC) to the club to train alongside our senior women’s squad. The girls had some fun and achieved some solid results side by side there. Thanks OUWLRC! You’re welcome back anytime!


This weekend Hammersmith Women’s and Juniors was totally oversubscribed because every other race in the calendar has been called off so we couldn’t get any entries. Still Vesta can be perked up in the knowledge that they have an exceptional Women’s Eight Head of the River draw. Thanks to the brilliant performances last year, for the first time ever Vesta has three crews in the top 20, at 3, 13 and 19, racing Senior, IM1 and IM2 respectively. Plus an IM3 crew at 53 and for the first time a Masters A crew at 71, the latter who I’ve heard on the grapevine are eyeing a pennant.

Thames being our nemesis again this year is starting Head of the River, and we know they have had the measure of us so far this winter, but the gaunlet is down! Once again there’s a significant overseas contigent too, who, apart from the returning 2nd place crew from Belvoir RC Zurich, are the unknown. Elite Imperial and GB Junior crews look like they might be pretty hot and we’ll have to see who else shows up on the day. Some of the overseas crews are racing Masters, which will keep our old girls on their toes.  Osiris and Cambridge Uni don’t seem to be racing this year (Tethys – Oxford Lightweights I believe – are) and neither are any other GB composite crews.

For Vesta no doubt this will be a race to remember! We encourage all supporters to get to the river to cheer on our crews in two weeks to give our girls an extra push. Good luck Vesta!

NB if you want to correct me at all on any of this, please do! Cheryl

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