Womens’ Head of the River Race 2011

Vesta entered four crews in the WeHORR this year and for the first time ever we had two crews finish in the top 35! 

The IM1 crew, consisting of (from stroke to bow) Ellie Dorman, Helen Edwards, Ailsa Tremayne, Lara Brock, Nell Pascall, Aga Siemiginowska, Caroline Newbury, Kat Hedges and Ro Thompson (cox) finished an amazing 17th out of 279 crews, with a time of 19mins 37.

The IM2 crew, consisting of (from stroke to bow) Tammy Bernard, Kitty Lowings, Liz Crighton, Susan Atkinson, Vicky Brock, Liane Higgins, Hilary Blandy, Holly De Gay and Julia Hedley (cox) finished 32nd, with a time of 20mins 03.  The race was eventful from start to finish, with the first over taking done before Barnes bridge, including a clash that prevented the other crew from finishing the race and an almighty dash for the finish line, over taking 3 more crews as they passed Vesta.

The IM3 (A) crew, consisting of (from stroke to bow) Anna Vandenberg, Sybille Schorm, Sabine Schloesser, Vanessa Harvey, Sian Withers, Pernille Sahl, Emily Hartley, Charlotte Lamping and Rachel Dixon (cox) finished an amazing 77th with a time of 20mins 52. Considering that some of the crew members were essentially novices and had not rowed at WeHORR before, this was an outstanding achievement.

Thanks go to Vanessa Harvey who sat in at the last minute for a disappointed Sarah Head who was suffering from an injured back.

The IM3 (B) crew, consisting of (from stroke to bow) Sophie Hanson, Philippa LeRoux, Deborah Crowshaw, Janet Kidner, Maria-Elena Nilsback, Thea Hudson, Emi Furuhata, Anneke Van Heteren and Vicky Taylor (cox) finished 177th with a time of 21mins 56. This was another particularly fine performance with the crew taking nearly a minute off their course time.

Congratulations go to all of the Womens’ Development Squad for their approach to and competition within the event.

– Tammy Bernard & James Unler

Photos copyright Nick Ablitt & Birdman Photography

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