Vesta Veterans’ Head of the River Race

The 2018 Race

The 2018 edition of the Vets Head will take place on Sunday March 25, 2018 (somewhat unusually, this will be the day after the University Boat Races, not after the Men’s Head).

The start time will be at 1030 BST (calculation).

The race will run over the traditional course, from University Stone Mortlake to Putney on the ebb tide.

Entries are now open on BROE2. Entries will close on the evening on Monday 12th March.

Enquiries about using BROE2, in particular from foreign entrants, should be directed at .

Masters Crews

Entries are welcomed for any masters age group crew, in open, women’s or mixed, for either eights (£92) or quads (£46) [Notice of Competition].

Prizes will be offered in categories where there are 5 or more entries made – if there are fewer, entrants will be contacted and categories may be joined with neighbours (with suitable handicaps applied for the resolution of combined categories).


There will also be entries accepted for non-Master eights for either open, women’s and mixed. There will be two bands for each gender: novice (we will look at the entries but this is expected to fewer than 20 PRI for the whole crew) and the rest.

Competition Documents

About the race

The Vesta Veterans’ International Eights Head of the River Race is a rowing race held annually on the River Thames over the Championship Course. The direction in which the event is raced changes from year to year, dependent on the time of the tides: ideally it is raced from Mortlake to Putney but other years it will be raced the other way. It is open to veteran (now known as masters) eights, who race in categories determined by the average ages of the eight rowers. The race generally takes place on the day following the Head of the River Race.

Contact details

Any questions, please contact the entries secretaries by email here.

The Small Print

To ensure that the Veterans’ Head of the River Race is not subject to VAT the organisers are obliged by VAT regulations to include the following statement in promotional material for the event – “The Vets Head is organised by Vesta Rowing Club, an amateur sports club, that applies any surplus on the event to further the sport of rowing.”

Photo Credits

Photos on this page kindly provided by Ben Rodford Photography.




Results from past Vesta Veteran’ Head of the River Races