Vesta@150 – Contributors wanted

Vesta will be celebrating 150 years since the club was founded in 2020. As part of this we are looking for contributors to tell the story of the last 25 years. We have an exciting year of events planned, including an extra special Annual Dinner and a Henley Royal Regatta row past.

Originally Vesta was located on the river Wandle in Wandsworth, approximately 1500m downstream from its current location. We moved to Putney and what is now Ranelagh Sailing Club in 1875 and to our current location in 1890. Over the years there have been many changes to the club, but its unique character has been evident and held true throughout.

Publications have documented the club history on all major anniversaries, with the most recent being the 125th. As we build towards the 150th anniversary we are looking for contributors to offer to write the next chapter in the history of the club through stories of those they shared their time at Vesta with. This might just be for a select period of one or two years but ideally we are looking for sub-editors for each 5 year period.

Please contact us at if you would like to know more about contributing.

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