Vesta Women’s Masters at the Women’s Head

Masters A – overall position: 77th, time: 20:22.4

Crew:Julia Hedley, Emily Trant, Holly de Gay, Martha Walsh, Kat Hedges, Vics Mcleod-More, Aga Siemiginowska, Kitty Lowings, Sybille Schorm


With a fresh crop of retirees in the 2013 season, the “Great-ish 8” was ably coordinated by Kat H and a strict entrance criteria was applied to those wishing to race: were you available for some gentle training the weekend before WeHorr? The self-selecting (fortunately seat racing was not required) 9 retirees were thus entered into the Masters A category, going off at 71, just enough time in marshalling to get to know the international crews, spot some local wildlife, and cheer the senior squad crews on their way to (River) Thames dominance.  In terms of the race plan, this was followed to a tee: crank the rate up as far as we can comfortably get to, accept a solid rate 29 spm, and row with the poise and dignity you’d expect of ladies of our experience. All in all, a solid paddle (in a solid boat – thank you senior men for the loan!), and a finish at 77th ahead of 226 crews, some of whom you might hope had actually sat on an erg in the preceding six months!


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