Scullers Head 2015 refunds

The race organising committee has had a chance to deliberate and review the situation regarding this year’s event.

The 2015 Scullers Head was cancelled due to forecast high winds and the likelihood of poor water conditions. The organising committee took this hard decision the day before the scheduled race date and is grateful for the calm, stoic acceptance that met our announcement. It was disappointing to all, but we had no option and the conditions on the day proved that the forecasts were accurate. Many competitors and friends of the race took the trouble to contact us via phone, email and social media and we were touched by the strong support offered and the unanimous sympathy for our predicament.

We have had a chance to review all the costs of running the event and we were left with unavoidable payments, e.g. radio hire, safety boats, ambulances and printing. We are now in a position to offer refunds to all competitors; we will be able to fund £25 per entry.

Please either :

  • fill in the form embedded below, (also available here, or
  • email to with your bank transfer details (account number and sort code) and which entries and club for which you are making the request.
  • We would appreciate it if clubs, where at all possible, could request just one transfer; this would make our treasurer’s life much simpler.

Aga Siemiginowska, Organising Committee Chairman, Vesta Scullers Head