Scullers’ Head 2017

The 2017 edition of the race will take place on Saturday 2 December, 2017.

The race will start at 0930 and, breaking with many years’ tradition, it will be raced on the flood tide, marshalling on the Surrey Bank from Barn Elms to along the island, the start line will be the Mile Post, finishing upriver of Chiswick Bridge at the Staithe by the marina.

Provisional Results

Prizes for the fastest man and fastest woman will will be awarded; huge congratulations to Calvin Tarczy of St Paul’s School and Meghann Jackson of Thames RC.

An updated set of results (no changes to any times, but some adjustments confirmed for the combined Masters categories): Scullers Head 2017 – Results, v3 (or as a shared Google spreadsheet).

In the light of the differing flow rates, an overall list will not be published.

Prize Giving

Prizes were awarded at Vesta after the race. If you are due a prize, please contact us!


The competitors instructions are available.

Contact Us

Please direct enquiries to

The Small Print

To ensure that the Scullers Head is not subject to VAT the organisers are obliged by VAT regulations to include the following statement in promotional material for the event – “The Scullers Head is organised by Vesta Rowing Club, an amateur sports club, that applies any surplus on the event to further the sport of rowing.”

Photo credits

Thanks to Rachel Clarke for some of our photos above, which we have taken the liberty to cut and treat.

Results from past Vesta Scullers’ Heads

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