Scullers’ Head 2018

The 2018 edition of the race will take place on Saturday 1 December, 2018.

The race will start at 10:00am and, returning to the normal direction, it will be raced on the ebb tide, marshalling on the Surrey Bank from Chiswick Bridge to Barnes Bridge and beyond, the start line will be the University Stone at Mortlake, finishing at the downstream end of Putney Pier.


Entries are open on BROE2.

Entry notes are here.


All entries require permission from a Tideway club for boating rights from that location. Requests to boat from Vesta need to be addressed to the deputy captain.


The following categories offered to both men and women – under the new competition framework and PRI values:


4 bands (Championship, Senior, Club, Fresher)


2 bands (same boundaries as Open Senior and Club)


A single band


J16. J17, J18


A-K (each with a Fresher band, at open boundary levels)

The open bands will be calculated according to the proportion of open entries – 15% into Championship, 35% into Senior, 35% into Club, 15% into Fresher. Levels will be set independently for Men and Women.

Prizes will be awarded in bands with five or more entrants.The organising committee may join bands together (e.g. Mas E+ Fresher) but only after discussion with the entrants affected.

Results and Prize Giving

Results will be published after the race has finished on Saturday 1st December.

The overall fastest female and male scullers, and categories winners will be invited to a prize giving ceremony at Vesta Rowing Club on Wednesday 5th December at 20:00 to celebrate their success.

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The Small Print

To ensure that the Scullers Head is not subject to VAT the organisers are obliged by VAT regulations to include the following statement in promotional material for the event – “The Scullers Head is organised by Vesta Rowing Club, an amateur sports club, that applies any surplus on the event to further the sport of rowing.”

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