The Women’s Corridor – Official Opening 12pm Saturday 11th May

Vesta Rowing Club has evolved in many ways over the past 149 years. No change in that time has had a greater positive impact than the introduction of Women’s rowing at the club almost 25 years ago. We are proud to announce that finally, thanks to a grant from the Fairbairn Trust, women will have equality in access to the bar facilities, with a corridor directly from their changing rooms.

The grand opening of the Women’s corridor, and the new kitchen facilities, will take place on Saturday 11th May at 12pm, hosted by our President Jock.

This recent work marks the final change to what has been a complete transformation for the club. At one time Women were only allowed in the Vesta bar at certain times and on certain days. As unbelievable as this may be now, Vesta in fact once displayed awards such as “chauvinist club of the year” as a mark of pride. Now the club could not be further from this, with great pride in being one of the leading clubs for Women’s rowing in the UK. We strive for equality in the sport of rowing in everything we do.

There was much controversy amongst members when the club first admitted members, with arguments including “where will we put them”. We have come a long way since those days.

We are proud of our progress in women’s rowing over the past 25 years, it is impossible to imagine Vesta without women’s rowing at its core. We have now taken the final step and the women of the club are given at least an equal footing with the men.

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