Movember – update week 2

’30 Days have September, April, June & MOVEMBER…’

which means on Thursday, we will have reached the halfway mark for those participating in this month’s feat of top lip topiary! Mockery and itchiness are now a daily occurrence…sadly though donations are not.
Please back the guys taking part for this worthwhile cause to from now until the Annual Dinner when the culmination of a month’s worth of growing will be on display.

Make a donation here.

Monies go to Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research. You can learn more about Movember here.

In the meantime, here’s the Week 2 progress photo from Steve:
Movember Week 2 Report
I’m conscious that the full detail of growth isn’t completely perceptible at this resolution, so I have taken the trouble to show you a close up of the ‘lengths’ the boys are going to in their cultivation:
Movember Close Up

The curliness is quite impressive!

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s installment!

Vesta men support Movember

Watch out! The senior men’s squad has committed to grow ‘mo’s in aid of charity this Movember. The unknown awaits us all as they cultivate their hairy upper lips. Their motivation is apparently “to be the most mo’tastic rowing club on the tideway” and I’m sure it will involve quite a lot of itchiness, general mockery and outing of superiority complexes. Please support the boys by donating to men’s health research here. I’ve also promised to post a few ‘progress’ photos. See attached for day 4!

Vesta Movember 2012 Day 4

Vesta Movember 2012 Day 4