Summer Regatta Racing has begun!

Starting with Hammersmith Amateur Regatta on Saturday. Vesta development men raced in an eight and a four – which led to some interesting methods of transporting the two boats among eight rowers up to Hammersmith on the river…hammersmith-transport

The dev men raced in a novice eight against Kings College and AK. Their novice coxed four raced against Wallingford and Eastbourne College BC.

I’m still waiting for the results to be published, so if you know what happened let me know!

This coming weekend there are two events: firstly on Saturday it’s Chiswick Amateur Regatta and Vesta has three representatives. Fred Beaud races in a MAS C 1x at 9:15am against a Twickenham sculler. In the Novice scullers category Sebastian Wachholz is coming up against Poplar & Blackwall and Quintin in a three-lane first round at 9:30am, and with 16 entries he  will hopefully have a long day ahead of him! At 14:05 Vesta has a MAS E 2x racing featuring Paul Mew and James Weatherstone against Twickenham and Tideway Scullers in a straight final. (Unfortunately there wasn’t any competition for our MAS B 4- – never mind guys you’ll get a race later I hope!)

The full Chiswick draw is here.

On Sunday it’s Wallingford Regatta at Dorney Lake, the first multi-lane racing of the season. Vesta has 12 boats in the draw (not bad for normally oversubscribed Wallingford). Our men are racing their eight line-up in two divisions, IM1 and IM2, and they also have two fours, a coxed crew and a coxless, racing in IM2 4+ and IM1 4- respectively. The IM1 coxless fours have a whopping 23 boats entered so some really tough competition there – fingers crossed for you guys – the other categories are healthy, but not so huge as that.

The Vesta ladies have managed to get a number of their crews racing, but not their top boat. Apparently there weren’t enough women’s Senior eights to run the event. The Women’s Senior 8 event is listed in the draw but  is empty and since we had two eligible crews it seems to be a poor reflection of the depth of women’s rowing in England (again) disappointingly. (I realise Wallingford caters for the Juniors so has less space for senior rowing, however there is only one women’s senior race and the only elite women’s races are the single sculls, double sculls and pair, compared to elite eights, quads, coxless fours etc. in the men’s.) Similarly we didn’t get a slot in the W.IM3 eights event and only secured one place in the W.IM2 eights, despite having more than one crew. However, we did get in two W.IM1 4- in a straight final, a W.SEN 4+ in a straight final of just four crews, and a W.IM3 4+. Our two single scullers, Liz Crighton and Rowan McKellar, are racing individually and doubling up in the W.IM1 2x, so they will at least be pretty knackered on Monday then!

The full Wallingford draw is here (see  bottom of the page).

Entries are open now for Met and also keep an eye on the Upcoming Events section for smaller regattas too.

(NB the opinion here is all mine!)

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