Squad Update – Senior Men – October 2015


by Pete Williams


Per athlete there is an average of 1.6 rowing and 0.2 sculling points in the squad, so we are definitely in a development phase but we have already seen great improvements in rowing technique and 5k ergo times.

A standing order of, “every stroke is at 80% maximum unless instructed otherwise”, a few pink lodge runs under our belt and hundreds of tonnes lifted in the gym has banished the red faced wheezing we saw from the launches the first weekend in September when we spun at ULBC. Laying down this solid foundation in the basics will enable much greater gains over the rest of the season.


Enthusiasm and motivation is high in the squad and we regularly boat 25 people per outing consisting of a healthy mix of established Vesta rowers and new blood which is encouraging the athletes to push each other as the pecking order is established!

Overall the attitude of the rowers to the training and the approach of the coaches (Pete Williams, Dave Clinton, Helen Arbuthnot and Martin Hindshaw) is that we are fostering a squad that is learning to stand on its own two feet with a strong ethos of internal competition.


We are very encouraged by the first two months of training and are quietly getting excited about the regatta season.

Upcoming Races: The Four’s Head, Wallingford Head, Walton Small Boats, The Remenham Challenge

Good stuff lads, keep it up!





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