Squad Update – Novice Women – October 2015

Ramblings of some slightly shell-shocked VRC Novice Women. . .

by Lauren and Jess

It seemed like a good idea at the time

So, it was a random Friday night at the end of summer when my housemate and I decided to go for a few drinks down in Putney and let’s just say after one or two (ahem) we happened upon a “Vesta Rowing Novice Rowers Welcome” sign on Putney Embankment. Surely this is a great idea – we thought – we’ll get fit, we’ll meet new people (+ hot men) and it’s just down the road. It’s cool that it’s heading into winter when it’s cold, dark and wet, of course work won’t get in the way. We can do this!!!

We rocked up 2 weeks later after our welcome meeting, full of energy and super excited, only to be faced with 20+ girls and the circuits of death; not sure what we feared more. Let’s just say we had our asses handed to us during circuits (who knew that shins could sweat!) and we now have 20 new friends.

Vesta RC works hard and plays hard

Our friends think we’ve regressed 10 years and are crazy for getting up at 6.30am every weekend, but it’s addictive. You can’t beat a sunny Saturday morning down in Putney and other than being yelled at by our own little drill sergeant it’s a great feeling when you only catch a crab 3 times on the outing instead of 10!! (small things!). We blame James for the early starts.

We blame James for lots of things these days; the fact that we can’t walk without looking like John Wayne and that we can’t remember the 2nd half of the inaugural pub-crawl is just the beginning. I actually thought James’s sheet-white face from the coxes seat gripping for dear life and swearing under his breath would be the last thing I saw whilst he steers us toward the passenger ferry and a near death experience – we survived and it’s a learning experience, right??? And where would he be without his right hand man, aka river wife, Chris ‘man the f**k up’ Clements? He certainly can handle 20 women (despite the rumours!).

The bottom line 

In seriousness: over the past 8 weeks we have made some amazing new friends (even the novice men), killed a little of our liver and showered with other women more times since school! We can fit into our skinny jeans and now can honestly say we REALLY want a seat in the boat for the race, despite the oh-so-attractive race suit! We are enjoying almost every minute (circuits are still a bitch) and we can say with certainty joining VRC was a very good wine fuelled idea!

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