Vesta 50 Club

Vesta 50 Club

What is Vesta 50 Club?

You may have seen a few boats with the words “Proudly donated by Vesta 50 Club” down the side of the shell, and wondered just what that was about. Well, the Vesta 50 Club was founded in 1971 as a fund raising vehicle with the aim of increasing Vesta’s fleet of boats. It has been very successful in that task! Recent purchases like the Senior Women’s 4- and the Senior Men’s 4+ (bought in 2018) wouldn’t have been possible without this fund’s efforts.

Who can join?

All members of Vesta Rowing Club can join the Vesta 50 Club. Originally it was restricted to 50 members (hence the name), but that was changed and now it is unlimited. You don’t have to be 50!.

Currently there are close to 80 members, it would be great if that increased.

How does it work?

Members pay an annual (£96) or quarterly (£24) or monthly (£8) subscription. You can pay by standing order, bank transfer or cheque.

Monthly prize

There are twelve monthly draws and the winners get the amount of their 50 Club annual subscription as a prize.

FREE social events

In addition there is an outing very couple of years, which is free to members; partners are welcome and they pay a greatly reduced rate. Over the past few years we have been racing at Kempton Park & Epsom, lunched at and toured Denbies Vineyard ,and chartered a boat for a lunchtime cruise down river. Our 2019 event is coming up in October, all those who join by 31st August will be eligible to attend.

We buy boats!

After funding the social events, the remaining funds are kept until there is enough to purchase (or assist in the purchase) of a new boat as authorised by the Vesta committee.

So by joining you can help buy boats, have a free outing and have a chance of winning your 50 Club subscription back to make it all free!

Sounds good! How do I sign up?

Dick Welch now administers Vesta 50 Club after many years of faithful service by Harry Prior. We encourage you to join, so please email Dick know if you are interested and he can arrange payment etc. and include you in the draw and outing.