Vesta is a friendly, social club. Our members make our club and we encourage everyone to take part in and enjoy club activities, whether rowing, sculling, or running races and events or socialising, as much as possible.

Vesta takes parties seriously!

The Vesta Bar
The Vesta Bar is well-renowned along the length of the Tideway and around the Globe as just about the best members bar you could possibly hope for. The bar is run by our members for our members and it is a vital support for our boat buying programme. The more money we put behind the bar the more boats we can buy. It’s easy: Beer = Boats!

The bar is open every Saturday and Sunday from late morning to the last member standing, and most nights during the week (Mon-Thurs) from about 7pm. It serves Guinness, Carling, London Pride and a guest ale on tap, and all manner of other beverages from bottles. Not only are we one of the few club bars to be open almost every night of the week and during the weekend, but we also do not ever privately hire our bar to non-members; it’s 100% for the benefit of Vesta members who know that walking into the bar on any given afternoon or evening will be a truly welcoming experience.

We train hard, we race hard and we party hard. The Vesta Bar is the scene of all manner of pre-, during and post-event celebrations and parties throughout the year for our members. There are five major Head races, our annual dinner, the Boat Race, and other Vesta parties typically in May and August, all providing the perfect excuse to frequent the bar, strut your stuff and let your hair down – if you have any. This of course is in addition to the normal weekend and mid-week post-outing/training drinks.

The club house can be made available for hire to our members for private parties on approval by the committee. However we have a limited number of late licences available to us, and we operate a strict ‘always welcome’ policy which means any member is welcome in the bar even if it’s being used for a private party. The only time members are not permitted free access to the club is on the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race day. During the Boat Race we operate a ticketing system where we ask members to pre-purchase tickets and the Club is open only to ticket holders.  This is solely to prevent overcrowding in the club and indeed the face value of your ticket is redeemable at the bar.

Members take it in turn to feed their fellow members by cooking a hot meal on Thursday ‘Club’ evenings for sale at a very reasonable price. It’s a highly pleasant experience to wrap up your training week by heading up to the bar and having a pint and hot meal waiting for you. Please turn up and support the volunteers who make the food. More volunteers are always welcome, so please help out. Surpluses from food sales have gone into the Club redevelopment fund, enabling us to build an improved gym and ergo room and to redevelop our changing facilities.