Safety Briefing on Thursday 13th December

Fog on the Thames

Well I wouldn't recommend going out in this...

There will be a safety briefing this Thursday at 8.30pm. Attendance is compulsory for all new members and all who steer boats. All active members are also encouraged to attend.  It is timed so that the squad members can attend after training and eat their Thursday food during the briefing. The talk will take 30 minutes and will be given by Tony Reynolds, who, in addition to helping with coaching at Vesta, is the Thames Region Water Safety Advisor.

The safety briefing will enable you to make the best decisions when rowing and coxing on the tidal Thames. It is a very unpredictable stretch of water that is shared by many users in different craft and you need to know how to react when faced with the unexpected. You may be a perfect steersperson, but that’s not to say you might come across someone who is not. Remember… “Never underestimate the stupidity of other people“.

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