{Race Report} How to row faster than schoolgirls

By Neil Fraser

Quintin Head was a bit of a wake-up call for the Novice Boys. The U14 Kingston High School Novice Girls might know how to row, but Vesta men shouldn’t be losing to them. We’ve made good progress since Quintin with the boat moving a little smoother and faster in the water – things were shaping up well for Hammersmith.

In typical Novice Boys fashion, Saturday morning started well with the rigger at three-seat splintering in the pre-paddle. It was too late to fix things so we taped it up and set off on the paddle up to Chiswick Bridge. Choppy, cold, wet, windy – it wasn’t much fun but we got up there to be welcomed by Judith, ‘Novice Boys, put your dry clothing on NOW’. We didn’t have any, so sat tapping on for the next hour while the crew, all but stern pair and the cox, passed an Oasis bottle (wide rim) back and forth to get down to race weight.

Dev men race in skins in February!

Marshals made the call to start stripping down – we did. Our turn came to spin and we started to build – the crew locked in at rate 29-30 and everything felt good. We were letting the boat run, there was power, the slide wasn’t rushed and we still had eight riggers. Our strokes were confident and they remained throughout.

This set the building blocks for a strong race, where the boys put the power down in the legs (some for the first time!) and Cox Cat made the calls to catch the crew ahead who we were ‘slowly’ closing in on. Water conditions were better than we were expecting and we were quickly approaching Hammersmith Bridge. We held off the Imperial Novice 8 at the finish and went under the bridge with the feeling that we’d been in a race.

Arrived back at Vesta where Wendy met us to say how pleased she was, but also how stupid we were for not dressing appropriately.

Finished 7th out of the 17 novice crews – a respectable result which gives us a boost leading up to the Kingston Head and Head of the River.

Thanks to Coaches and Coxes for their on-going commitment and patience. They really do put up with a lot.

Novice Boys 1 – Kingston High School Girls 1

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