Race Preview – Remenham Challenge

Following a strong start to the year, this Saturday’s Remenham Challenge will see all Vesta squads first test of the year in eights, including debuts in the Crimson and Black for a number of our Novice’s.

In total Vesta have 10 crews entered for the race from Chiswick Pier to the Vesta flagpole, showing the depth of the club at all levels at the moment. The 55 boat race has been expanded beyond the founding members this year, to also include Wadham College Boat Club, who have ably provided the bar staff for Remenham at Henley Royal Regatta for a number of years. A well-earned and overdue inclusion I am sure you agree.

Senior Women Preparing for Remenham

The Senior Women’s and Men’s squads will be looking to build on promising Fours Head results with each having two eights entered. Competition for places is fierce in both squads at the moment, and they will be looking to set down a marker for the rest of the season.

The Novice/Development squads also have two eights entered each, offering the first taste of competitive action for a number of squad members. With a number of members racing that had not stepped in a boat before September, progress has been swift and the race will offer an valuable and (hopefully) enjoyable experience. No doubt the first boats will also be looking to be competitive against strong opposition provided by our nearest neighbours.

We will also see some familiar faces back in a boat with the “young” vets in action. With undoubted pedigree, no doubt they will be looking for an exceptional start, whether fitness will allow this to be maintained remains to be seen…

At the more experienced end of the scale, we also have a composite entered into Masters (F) with Thames Rowing Club.


10 – Novice (Intermediate) Men bow Christopher Cauchi
2 Oscar Oliveros
3 David Bottomly
4 Fred Chesher
5 Paul Corby
6 Liam O’Brian
7 William Tooth
stroke Colin Brown
cox Catherine Bailey
51 – Novice Men bow Christopher Ruddick
2 Matthew Vaux
3 Filip Zielinski
4 Harry Davies
5 Adam Laird
6 Shin Bahk
7 George Thomas
stroke Steven Gietzen
cox Jack Canning
52 – Novice Women bow Helen Mallaby
2 Cathryn McCarthy
3 Angela Oates
4 Kayla Chrysler
5 Kerry Price
6 Sarah Campbell
7 Ella Lawrence
stroke Alexandra Hudspith
cox Loray Marshall
54 – Novice Women bow Megan Daly
2 Neha Patel
3 Kinneri Saha
4 Mara Makoni
5 Kura Solon
6 Mira Childerhouse
7 Florencia Huart
stroke Lucy Cartwright
cox Vanessa Preuss
22 – Masters B bow Ali Campbell
2 Nick Nevelling
3 Beven Goulden
4 Michael Cannon
5 Harry Bond
6 James Wetherstone
7 Michael Hughes
stroke James Hawkins
cox Helen Arbutnot (Cox)
36 – Senior Women bow Kirsty McGregor-Ritchie
2 Ruth McKellar
3 Jamie-Rose Larkin
4 Catherine Long
5 Megan Halsted
6 Louisa Emkes
7 Chloe Symmonds
stroke Robyn McGregor-Ritchie
cox Yvonne Owens
42 – Senior Women bow Rosie Klymow
2 Cameo Choquer
3 Rebecca Kelly
4 Alice Hoskins
5 Mikaela Blowing
6 Clare Wood
7 Sarah Thompson
stroke Charlotte Lennox
cox Kate Keough
14 – Senior Men bow Joseph Casey
2 Rory Baggott
3 Edward Roe
4 Henry Primarolo
5 Gianni Galavotti
6 Adrian Turner
7 Chris Clements
stroke Oliver Lumley
cox Julia Franckh
20 – Senior Men bow Robert Alexander
2 Garrett Speers
3 Wojciech Markowski
4 Mike Benson
5 Chris Goodfellow
6 Alan Hunton
7 Alexander Kung
stroke Oliver Chapman
cox Robert Hamilton
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