Summer Regatta Racing has begun!

Starting with Hammersmith Amateur Regatta on Saturday. Vesta development men raced in an eight and a four – which led to some interesting methods of transporting the two boats among eight rowers up to Hammersmith on the river…hammersmith-transport

The dev men raced in a novice eight against Kings College and AK. Their novice coxed four raced against Wallingford and Eastbourne College BC.

I’m still waiting for the results to be published, so if you know what happened let me know!

This coming weekend there are two events: firstly on Saturday it’s Chiswick Amateur Regatta and Vesta has three representatives. Fred Beaud races in a MAS C 1x at 9:15am against a Twickenham sculler. In the Novice scullers category Sebastian Wachholz is coming up against Poplar & Blackwall and Quintin in a three-lane first round at 9:30am, and with 16 entries he  will hopefully have a long day ahead of him! At 14:05 Vesta has a MAS E 2x racing featuring Paul Mew and James Weatherstone against Twickenham and Tideway Scullers in a straight final. (Unfortunately there wasn’t any competition for our MAS B 4- – never mind guys you’ll get a race later I hope!)

The full Chiswick draw is here.

On Sunday it’s Wallingford Regatta at Dorney Lake, the first multi-lane racing of the season. Vesta has 12 boats in the draw (not bad for normally oversubscribed Wallingford). Our men are racing their eight line-up in two divisions, IM1 and IM2, and they also have two fours, a coxed crew and a coxless, racing in IM2 4+ and IM1 4- respectively. The IM1 coxless fours have a whopping 23 boats entered so some really tough competition there – fingers crossed for you guys – the other categories are healthy, but not so huge as that.

The Vesta ladies have managed to get a number of their crews racing, but not their top boat. Apparently there weren’t enough women’s Senior eights to run the event. The Women’s Senior 8 event is listed in the draw but  is empty and since we had two eligible crews it seems to be a poor reflection of the depth of women’s rowing in England (again) disappointingly. (I realise Wallingford caters for the Juniors so has less space for senior rowing, however there is only one women’s senior race and the only elite women’s races are the single sculls, double sculls and pair, compared to elite eights, quads, coxless fours etc. in the men’s.) Similarly we didn’t get a slot in the W.IM3 eights event and only secured one place in the W.IM2 eights, despite having more than one crew. However, we did get in two W.IM1 4- in a straight final, a W.SEN 4+ in a straight final of just four crews, and a W.IM3 4+. Our two single scullers, Liz Crighton and Rowan McKellar, are racing individually and doubling up in the W.IM1 2x, so they will at least be pretty knackered on Monday then!

The full Wallingford draw is here (see  bottom of the page).

Entries are open now for Met and also keep an eye on the Upcoming Events section for smaller regattas too.

(NB the opinion here is all mine!)

Summer kit ordering ends THURSDAY 25th April

With training camps and Easter out of the way, sights are now firmly set on the up and coming regatta season.
A kit ordering window is now open so that you can top up on your VRC lycra stocks. Please note the JL lycra is the club’s official kit and is what those racing should wear as, it uses the correct shade of Vesta crimson.
Window open: NOW
Window closes: 25/04/13 (midnight)
Delivery: Before Met Regatta
Login: vestarc
Password: blackstaff
If you have new members who have joined your squad please forward this message on to them, as they may not yet be signed up to the mailing lists.

The girls are famous – sort of!

Vesta “Leading the charge” in Rowing and Regatta this week. It’s not often we get featured so hooray for that.  There’s a nice quote from coach, Jamie Low, and great race face pic of the WEHORR pennant winners!

Christina Duffy, Anna Brown, Stine Keyes, Rowan Mckellar and Gemma Etherington

Christina Duffy, Anna Brown, Stine Keyes, Rowan Mckellar and Gemma Etherington

Remenham Club Annual Dinner Friday 26th April

remenham-club-dinner-smallMembers the Remenham Club are invited to the annual dinner on Friday 26th April 2013. The venue is Twickenham RC and the guest speaker is Greg Searle. You can book now, simply click on the poster to open the PDF of the booking form.


Vets Head 2013 Part Refund

At its wash-up meeting, the Vets Head committee reviewed the accounts of the race and decided that it will offer a partial refund of race fees in light of our to need to cancel the 2013 edition of the race.
As competitors will realise there are numerous obligatory expenses incurred in staging any race. As organisers we also appreciate the efforts and expenses that our competitors incur in order to participate. After due consideration of the amounts left over from the race, the committee is offering crews a 50% refund of the £85 entry fee.
Entrants do have a choice, though: you can claim a direct refund now or opt to carry forward the refund to obtain a 50% discount on an entry for next year’s race. Given we have 124 clubs providing entries, we would prefer, if at all possible, to make a single refund per club
Please send an email to informing us of your choice. When emailing could you please include the following information:
* your race number and/or the BROE entry id for the crew/crews for which you are claiming
* your identity (if you were not the submitting BROE entries secretary listed for the entry) i.e. Club Captain.
* whether you want to claim a refund or a discount for 2014
* please try to group the requests from your club into one repayment, if possible.
* if a refund could you provide bank details (sort-code and account number for a UK bank, IBAN/SWIFT details for international transfers).
* we would prefer not to generate cheques, but will do so if absolutely necessary. If so, please provide a mailing address for us to send it to.
Organising Committee for the Vesta Veterans Head.
March 27, 2013.

What is on this weekend instead…

keep_calm_and_party_onI am very sorry to say that both HORR and Vets’ Head have now been cancelled.  Your coaches will determine whether any training outings will take place. (Or if not, land training, you lucky kidz!)

The Vesta bar will be open from 11:30am as usual and will stay open all afternoon if there’s a lively demand!

There’s plenty of stock and two firkins of Sambrooks Wandle at £3 a pint that must be drunk!!!

At 18:00 the bar will reopen (if it shut at all) and we will be serving chilli con carne and jacket potatoes for supper. The VRC music and party starts at 20:00 and we’ve a licence until 1:00.

On Sunday normal service resumes. If you’re at a loss as to what to do, there are the Henley Boat Races to watch, which have been relocated to Dorney Lake. Also there is international rowing to watch on the telly: BBC2 at 16:00.

Vets Head cancelled due to poor weather conditions

In light of the forecast weather conditions for Sunday, we have regrettably taken the decision to cancel the 2013 Vesta Veterans Head.

Further details will follow.

The Head of the River race is also cancelled tomorrow, BUT the Vesta party will go on! As Judith says, is the pope catholic? Be prepared for boat races of the drinking variety…

Latest race results are stonking! and a big weekend ahead…

The club results page has been updated with all the latest races. Some highlights!

Vesta men’s ‘A’ crew won the IM.2 pennant at Kingston Head on Saturday afternoon and came 2nd overall in the division. Well done guys! Our second crew also came 4th in their category and the first novice crew were the 5th fastest novices. The novice men also raced well at Hammersmith.

In light of the dazzling  3rd place and club pennant the ladies won, we haven’t mentioned much about the other women’s crews that raced at WeHORR last weekend, but the results show it was a storming performance by the women’s squad, yet again being one of the strongest clubs in the country, and with a change of coaching personnel. Bravo!  Our IM.2 ‘C’ crew were 3rd in their category, hanging on the coat tails of the IM.1 ‘B’ crew who were 5th in theirs. The girls are showing real strength in depth.

Finally the men’s head draw is available for Saturday here. The ‘A’ crew is starting 51st and racing in the IM.2 category, so that will be a good, ripping race for the guys, who I am sure have the bit between their teeth after last weekend. The ‘B’ crew is also racing IM.2 and will be bidding for a top 100 place and closing the gap on their squad-mates. Vesta also has a novice VIII racing starting at 183, which will be a very exciting day for these guys. You’ve earned your place, go and race it!

On Sunday, for Vesta’s own Vets Head, we have four Vesta crews and one composite. See the draw here. We’ve got two Women’s Masters A (how will they step up from the cowboys and indians last year? That will be something to see I think!) plus an open and mixed masters crew. The composite is an unknown to me, so that might be one to watch!

Please contact me on to update me on your results or upcoming races and please send me photos and the names of crew members so I can name-check you! Thanks, Cheryl