Vesta Racing This Weekend And Onwards!

This weekend sees Vesta crews racing on our home stretch of the Tideway for Putney Town ‘International-Local-Olympic’ Regatta 2013 and a club sculler racing in the British masters champs at the National Water Sports Centre.

Vesta kicks off racing at 9am on Saturday in the women’s novice coxed fours versus Parrs Priory and at 9:10 we have our men’s novice eight racing University College London BC, so get down to the club early if you want to cheer! Fear not if you can’t get out of bed, we also have our men’s novice four at 11:55 and Jenny Cann is making her debut in the W.IM.3 1x at 16:40. Good luck! The full timetable of racing is here. I very much hope that our crews get a successful first taste of ‘summer’ pot-hunting!

On Sunday Fred Beaud competes in the MasC IM.3 1x in a straight final at the Masters Champs at Holme Pierrpoint in Nottingham. His race is at 15:20 in a full six lane line up, including RAF, Bristol and Birmingham scullers. The timetable is here. Good luck and I hope there will be some good racing conditions there!

The senior squads are now preparing for the final few weeks before respective ‘Henleys’ and you can see the Upcoming Events in the right column of big and small local regattas. There was some good racing at Wallingford, the men’s coxless four showing particular promise, with times comparing favourably with some excellent crews. (At Ghent last weekend that Pangborne crew posted the fastest time in 4- notably.) Unfortunately Poplar was cancelled, which the senior women were hoping to go to. Next competition is now likely to be the Met in two weeks for the seniors.

A few points regarding upcoming events to note: there is a new one-off “Coronation Regatta” in the calendar this year at Windsor to celebrate the anniversary of 60 years since the Queen was crowned, which is the week before Henley Women’s.  Marlow Regatta at Dorney is ALSO a week before so it will not clash with HWR this year.  Thus the girls can take their pick if they fancy (more side by side racing practice at Windsor I guess)…. AND there is the Rowing World Cup at Dorney over the same weekend as Henley Women’s Regatta from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd.  A veritable feast of rowing for avid supporters to manage. I say if you go to Dorney one day for the World Cup, you ought to get down to Henley to support our ladies on another!


Results are up from the weekend!

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”vesta-at-wallingford”]

It was a fine bank holiday weekend for racing practice ( and ice cream and bbqs!) at Chiswick Amateur and Wallingford @ Dorney Lake. The club results page has now been updated. (I’m still waiting for the Hammersmith results to be posted by the way…)

At Wallingford Vesta had some very strong results in the men’s coxless four coming 2nd overall in a very large and competitive field. Well done guys! Our two women scullers also performed encouragingly with a 2nd and 3rd place in the  single scull and, after their gruelling races there, a good performance in their double. The senior ladies’ crews mainly decided to continue training and not race given the lack of competition in their preferred events, But our men’s squad and intermediate women’s crews did go out and give it their all down the 2000m  for the first time this year. Well done!


Battersea Rail Bridge Closed


A message from Peter, Vesta’s Water Safety Adviser:

Refurbishment works have started on Battersea Railway Bridge and that the bridge will be closed for three months with immediate effect.  Only boats with a VHF radio who first ask the PLA can go through the bridge for the duration of the work.

This means that no rowing boats may proceed through Battersea Bridge. If you go downstream of Putney Bridge you must spin before the heliport.

A reminder of what Battersea Bridge looks like... it's the one down from Putney Rail.

A reminder of what Battersea Bridge looks like… it’s the one down from Putney Rail.

I would also like to remind crews that you should take great care if you go downstream of Putney Bridge. The club has had three incidents this season below the bridge which have been caused by a lack of familarity with the hazards and not keeping a proper look out.

Only go below Putney Bridge in good conditions, not within two hours of high tide and never at night. Do not stop or marshall near the recycling centre where there is commercial traffic. Keep a look out over both sides of the boat for bridges, moored craft and other river traffic. Remember there is no speed limit below Wandsworth Bridge so other boats can travel quickly and cause significant wash.

Thank you.

Beware of the Thames Clippers at Putney Pier

thames-clipper-putneyIt’s been noticed that the Thames Clippers arriving and departing from Putney Pier have not been using the appropriate sound signals. If you see this happening, please report the instance to the PLA.

Remember (these in my words):

One short blast means “I am altering my course to starboard”

Two short blasts means “I am altering my course to port”

Three short blasts means “I am operating astern propulsion” AKA going in reverse

Four short blasts mean “I am turning around in the fairway”  one more short blast “to starboard” or two more short blasts “to port”

Five short blasts means “I am about to crash into you if you don’t do something” – generally move out of the way of the big boat NOW

One long blast means “I am coming around a corner or blind spot. Beware I am here.”

I hope this helps. The Rowing Code gives you the full details.

Summer Regatta Racing has begun!

Starting with Hammersmith Amateur Regatta on Saturday. Vesta development men raced in an eight and a four – which led to some interesting methods of transporting the two boats among eight rowers up to Hammersmith on the river…hammersmith-transport

The dev men raced in a novice eight against Kings College and AK. Their novice coxed four raced against Wallingford and Eastbourne College BC.

I’m still waiting for the results to be published, so if you know what happened let me know!

This coming weekend there are two events: firstly on Saturday it’s Chiswick Amateur Regatta and Vesta has three representatives. Fred Beaud races in a MAS C 1x at 9:15am against a Twickenham sculler. In the Novice scullers category Sebastian Wachholz is coming up against Poplar & Blackwall and Quintin in a three-lane first round at 9:30am, and with 16 entries he  will hopefully have a long day ahead of him! At 14:05 Vesta has a MAS E 2x racing featuring Paul Mew and James Weatherstone against Twickenham and Tideway Scullers in a straight final. (Unfortunately there wasn’t any competition for our MAS B 4- – never mind guys you’ll get a race later I hope!)

The full Chiswick draw is here.

On Sunday it’s Wallingford Regatta at Dorney Lake, the first multi-lane racing of the season. Vesta has 12 boats in the draw (not bad for normally oversubscribed Wallingford). Our men are racing their eight line-up in two divisions, IM1 and IM2, and they also have two fours, a coxed crew and a coxless, racing in IM2 4+ and IM1 4- respectively. The IM1 coxless fours have a whopping 23 boats entered so some really tough competition there – fingers crossed for you guys – the other categories are healthy, but not so huge as that.

The Vesta ladies have managed to get a number of their crews racing, but not their top boat. Apparently there weren’t enough women’s Senior eights to run the event. The Women’s Senior 8 event is listed in the draw but  is empty and since we had two eligible crews it seems to be a poor reflection of the depth of women’s rowing in England (again) disappointingly. (I realise Wallingford caters for the Juniors so has less space for senior rowing, however there is only one women’s senior race and the only elite women’s races are the single sculls, double sculls and pair, compared to elite eights, quads, coxless fours etc. in the men’s.) Similarly we didn’t get a slot in the W.IM3 eights event and only secured one place in the W.IM2 eights, despite having more than one crew. However, we did get in two W.IM1 4- in a straight final, a W.SEN 4+ in a straight final of just four crews, and a W.IM3 4+. Our two single scullers, Liz Crighton and Rowan McKellar, are racing individually and doubling up in the W.IM1 2x, so they will at least be pretty knackered on Monday then!

The full Wallingford draw is here (see  bottom of the page).

Entries are open now for Met and also keep an eye on the Upcoming Events section for smaller regattas too.

(NB the opinion here is all mine!)

Summer kit ordering ends THURSDAY 25th April

With training camps and Easter out of the way, sights are now firmly set on the up and coming regatta season.
A kit ordering window is now open so that you can top up on your VRC lycra stocks. Please note the JL lycra is the club’s official kit and is what those racing should wear as, it uses the correct shade of Vesta crimson.
Window open: NOW
Window closes: 25/04/13 (midnight)
Delivery: Before Met Regatta
Login: vestarc
Password: blackstaff
If you have new members who have joined your squad please forward this message on to them, as they may not yet be signed up to the mailing lists.

The girls are famous – sort of!

Vesta “Leading the charge” in Rowing and Regatta this week. It’s not often we get featured so hooray for that.  There’s a nice quote from coach, Jamie Low, and great race face pic of the WEHORR pennant winners!

Christina Duffy, Anna Brown, Stine Keyes, Rowan Mckellar and Gemma Etherington

Christina Duffy, Anna Brown, Stine Keyes, Rowan Mckellar and Gemma Etherington