Introducing – The Vesta Race Day Membership

We are delighted to announce a new group of Vesta membership – The Race Day Membership! The idea is to encourage ex-rowers to get involved in racing, but at a much cheaper rate, rather than the old Legacy Membership.
All you have to do is be an Honourary Member of the Club, and you can then enter any event and become an Active Member for that specific race at a cost of £15. This is obviously dependent on boats. It is the Club equivalent of the old ARA day-pass, for those of you old enough to remember it. Hopefully we will be able to get a good group of people, keen to get back together periodically to race some fun events through the summer, or British Masters, Henley Masters, Vets Head etc.
At the moment we have a very short email list – this is mainly the people involved in Eight’s Head last year. If you can think of anyone do please encourage them to contact – and Harry will add them to the email list! Over the years we’ve all had crew mates that have slipped away and this is a nice opportunity for reunion racing. For instance a 10 years ago we did 8+’s Head in this crew… let’s all enter Vets’ Head sort of thing. We’re especially on the look out for any women’s crews, but no matter how far people have moved away – it would be great to see them back in a boat in Vesta colours once more!
Michael Cannon has put together a quick survey to find out which events people would be interested in entering here:
Any questions please contact and please spread the word!
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