Club Notices – Lockers, racked sculls, weights for sale


With the arrival of new rowers this season, and the expansion of our Active membership, there is a significant demand for lockers. As a result of this, we will be auditing the lockers in the next few weeks. Each locker will have a piece of masking tape on it, please be sure to label this with your name by Monday 15th October. Any lockers not clearly named will be reclaimed and the locker gifted to an extremely grateful member of our active squads.

To all those with a Single, or Sculling Oars Racked at the Club:

The Club has recently experienced a dramatic increase in numbers – our squads have expanded in a quite fantastic fashion. As such this has lead to quite a few requests for racking space for new sculls, and to store more fours instead of singles in the boat bays.

Whilst there is no pressure to move on at all, the Club would ask you to check to see if racking a single at Vesta is still necessary. If you no longer use your single; for whatever reason; and feel that owning the rack is no longer needed then please do let the Captain know – the new intake will much appreciate it!

If you would like to keep your single in the Club, and have oars to go with it, can we ask that you clearly label the sculls? There are a very large number in the boat bays, a lot of which have been anonymously donated to the Club over the years (without the Club recording it anywhere).

Over the next few weeks the Captain will be going through these and setting them up for Club use. If you’re unable to make it down then please let Harry know – he’ll happily write your name on your sculls for you – if the blades remain unnamed then they will be repurposed for Club use – with much gratitude!

Collection of Old Tankards & Medals

The Club is collecting old tankards and medals to help decorate the refitted gym. If you have any old ones collecting dust at home (or any other rowing memorabilia) and would like to donate them to the Club then please bring them down; they will be much appreciated

Sale of Weights:

To celebrate the new season, Vesta is refitting its gym! To make way for the new weights, the Club is selling all of it’s old standard size weight plates and bars (dumbbells and barbells), along with a full set of dumbbells (from 5kg to 27.5kg in 2.5kg steps) and a number of weight plates for olympic sized bars. If you have any interest in purchasing any of these, may know someone who would be, or have any questions at all, then please email the Captain.

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