Three crews pre-qualified for Henley Royal Regatta

The only Vesta crew named in the list of Crews Required To Qualify published on Sunday was the development men’s crew. For the first time in the nine years since Vesta women first entered the Remenham Challenge at HRR, they have not been asked to qualify. Major achievement ladies! SWEET!

Similarly the Wyfold Challenge Cup and Thames Challenge Cup Vesta (A) crews have both pre-qualified after being consistently competitive at a club level in the major summer regattas.

The development boys were allowed to enter the Thames Challenge Cup at Henley after they had cracked the 6:30 marker in the IM3.8 event on the Sunday at Met. So now they can experience for the first time the tension and excitement of visiting the Henley Royal boat tents and pushing off for that gritty, long, unforgiving time trial.  This is also a major achievement for the crew and their coaches who were all novices last summer. Well done!

There are 35 crews from which 12 will qualify. For those who can support, Vesta Rowing Club (B) will be the 2nd last crew in the group starting at 5:21pm on Friday. Good luck!

The list of crews asked to qualify and schedule are available here.

Henley Women’s Regatta starts tomorrow!

HWR Medal

Henley Women’s Regatta Medal

It’s that time of year again! The Vesta women are all set for this weekend’s racing and we urge all club members and supporters to make a visit to the course to cheer on our crews.

Racing this year we have an Intermediate Club 8, Senior 8, Senior 1x and an Elite 2-. To make things a bit easier, here are the timings for confirmed and potential Vesta races each day:


15:03  – Race 11 –  Club 8s – Vesta vs Thames B


11:04 – Race 132 – Club 8s
12:04 – Race 147 – Senior 1x – Vesta vs Isle of Ely
16:48 – Race 218 – Senior 1x
17:04 – Race 222 – Senior 8s – Vesta vs Trinity College, Hartford, USA
17:12 – Race 224 – Elite 2- – Vesta vs Molesey

10:46 – Race 320 – Elite 2-
11:42 – Race 334 – Club 8s
12:10 – Race 341 – Senior 1x
13:52 – Race 334 – Senior 8s

14:24 – Race 368 – Elite 2-
15:35 – Race 377 – Club 8s
15:50 – Race 380 – Senior 1x
16:25 – Race 387 – Senior 8s

The forecast at the moment is looking a bit iffy, so make sure to bring your brollies along with your picnics and loudest Vesta cheers. It definitely helps to find the extra gear when the Vesta roar is the loudest!

For those of you who can’t make it, you can watch the racing live online by clicking the following link:  We’ll also work hard to make sure we keep the Vesta webpage and twitter feed are up to date.

Best of luck to all the girls and coaches! Have fun and race hard!

Battersea Rail Bridge Closed


A message from Peter, Vesta’s Water Safety Adviser:

Refurbishment works have started on Battersea Railway Bridge and that the bridge will be closed for three months with immediate effect.  Only boats with a VHF radio who first ask the PLA can go through the bridge for the duration of the work.

This means that no rowing boats may proceed through Battersea Bridge. If you go downstream of Putney Bridge you must spin before the heliport.

A reminder of what Battersea Bridge looks like... it's the one down from Putney Rail.

A reminder of what Battersea Bridge looks like… it’s the one down from Putney Rail.

I would also like to remind crews that you should take great care if you go downstream of Putney Bridge. The club has had three incidents this season below the bridge which have been caused by a lack of familarity with the hazards and not keeping a proper look out.

Only go below Putney Bridge in good conditions, not within two hours of high tide and never at night. Do not stop or marshall near the recycling centre where there is commercial traffic. Keep a look out over both sides of the boat for bridges, moored craft and other river traffic. Remember there is no speed limit below Wandsworth Bridge so other boats can travel quickly and cause significant wash.

Thank you.

Beware of the Thames Clippers at Putney Pier

thames-clipper-putneyIt’s been noticed that the Thames Clippers arriving and departing from Putney Pier have not been using the appropriate sound signals. If you see this happening, please report the instance to the PLA.

Remember (these in my words):

One short blast means “I am altering my course to starboard”

Two short blasts means “I am altering my course to port”

Three short blasts means “I am operating astern propulsion” AKA going in reverse

Four short blasts mean “I am turning around in the fairway”  one more short blast “to starboard” or two more short blasts “to port”

Five short blasts means “I am about to crash into you if you don’t do something” – generally move out of the way of the big boat NOW

One long blast means “I am coming around a corner or blind spot. Beware I am here.”

I hope this helps. The Rowing Code gives you the full details.

Summer kit ordering ends THURSDAY 25th April

With training camps and Easter out of the way, sights are now firmly set on the up and coming regatta season.
A kit ordering window is now open so that you can top up on your VRC lycra stocks. Please note the JL lycra is the club’s official kit and is what those racing should wear as, it uses the correct shade of Vesta crimson.
Window open: NOW
Window closes: 25/04/13 (midnight)
Delivery: Before Met Regatta
Login: vestarc
Password: blackstaff
If you have new members who have joined your squad please forward this message on to them, as they may not yet be signed up to the mailing lists.

Vets Head 2013 Part Refund

At its wash-up meeting, the Vets Head committee reviewed the accounts of the race and decided that it will offer a partial refund of race fees in light of our to need to cancel the 2013 edition of the race.
As competitors will realise there are numerous obligatory expenses incurred in staging any race. As organisers we also appreciate the efforts and expenses that our competitors incur in order to participate. After due consideration of the amounts left over from the race, the committee is offering crews a 50% refund of the £85 entry fee.
Entrants do have a choice, though: you can claim a direct refund now or opt to carry forward the refund to obtain a 50% discount on an entry for next year’s race. Given we have 124 clubs providing entries, we would prefer, if at all possible, to make a single refund per club
Please send an email to informing us of your choice. When emailing could you please include the following information:
* your race number and/or the BROE entry id for the crew/crews for which you are claiming
* your identity (if you were not the submitting BROE entries secretary listed for the entry) i.e. Club Captain.
* whether you want to claim a refund or a discount for 2014
* please try to group the requests from your club into one repayment, if possible.
* if a refund could you provide bank details (sort-code and account number for a UK bank, IBAN/SWIFT details for international transfers).
* we would prefer not to generate cheques, but will do so if absolutely necessary. If so, please provide a mailing address for us to send it to.
Organising Committee for the Vesta Veterans Head.
March 27, 2013.

Vets Head cancelled due to poor weather conditions

In light of the forecast weather conditions for Sunday, we have regrettably taken the decision to cancel the 2013 Vesta Veterans Head.

Further details will follow.

The Head of the River race is also cancelled tomorrow, BUT the Vesta party will go on! As Judith says, is the pope catholic? Be prepared for boat races of the drinking variety…

Vesta Vets Head Draw now online

Less than two weeks until we race!

The 2013 provisional draw is now available.

Plus all the race instructions are available on our Vets Head event page.

Visiting the Vesta Veterans’ Head from Europe?

We have navigation guides in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Please see the information for visiting overseas crews on the right hand side of the draw page. This is available courtesy of British Rowing Thames Regional Rowing Council.


New! Race Instructions for Vesta International Veterans’ Head

The following documents are now available. See the main information page for the full race details.


  1. Tideway Navigation Chart
  2. General Instructions
  3. Marshalling diagrams
  4. Key Info – if you only have a minute – READ THIS ONE!

Entries are open until 10th March so don’t miss out!

Race T-Shirt!

rtb-vetshead-tshirtAlso the Official Race T-shirt is now available from Rock The Boat. To purchase please click here.