Beware of the Thames Clippers at Putney Pier

thames-clipper-putneyIt’s been noticed that the Thames Clippers arriving and departing from Putney Pier have not been using the appropriate sound signals. If you see this happening, please report the instance to the PLA.

Remember (these in my words):

One short blast means “I am altering my course to starboard”

Two short blasts means “I am altering my course to port”

Three short blasts means “I am operating astern propulsion” AKA going in reverse

Four short blasts mean “I am turning around in the fairway”  one more short blast “to starboard” or two more short blasts “to port”

Five short blasts means “I am about to crash into you if you don’t do something” – generally move out of the way of the big boat NOW

One long blast means “I am coming around a corner or blind spot. Beware I am here.”

I hope this helps. The Rowing Code gives you the full details.

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