World War I

During the Great War of 1914-18 78 members went to war (Vesta RC Roll of Honour 1914-18) and of those 12 lost their lives. Vesta has a memorial to them in the club room, the original having been lost in the fire of 1936. WWI memorial VRC Here are the links to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission information for each of those 12 individuals.

James M. M. Bales
Roger N. Ballard
Thomas A. W. Crozier M.C.
Thomas N. Evans
Reginald C. Hall M.C.
Percy W. Hubbard
Sidney Johnstone
Egdar Lewis
Alec F. Reid
Charles Vincent (Karl Schwerzl)
Frederick C. Walker
Reginald Wilson-Rea

Göran Buckhorn wrote a good article on his rowing history website, Hear The Boat Sing, about the effect of the war on Vesta here, particularly about the how the club survived through the efforts of its older members. Interestingly Göran became interested in Vesta’s WW1 history when he obtained a Christmas Card sent from Vesta to their members at war, which he connected to a Downton Abbey plot.

Vesta RC X-Mas 1914

Read the Downton Abbey & Vesta article here.