Vesta Rowing Club Committee Members 2018/2019

President –Dick Welch

Chairman of the Executive Committee –Paul Baldwin

Captain – Harry Bond

Deputy Captain – Andrew Carson

House Captain – Robert Alexander

Hon. Secretary – Victoria Carroll

Hon. Treasurer – Killian O’Sullivan

Membership Secretary –Alex Brown

Communications Officer – Chris Clements

Entries Secretary – Charlotte Lennox

Honorary Steward – Lauren Hardcastle

Assistant Honorary Steward – Chris Ruddick

Chairman Open Events Committee – Chris Harrison

Water Safety Advisor – Judith Howell

Other positions not on the executive committee:

Treasurer Open Events Committee –Killian O’Sullivan

The club is run by a committee elected from its members. This group is made up entirely of volunteers and oversees all aspects of the club: its finances, the boathouse, the fleet, managing the bar and, of course, looking after the rowing.

Annual General Meeting

The Committee’s term runs for a year from the club’s AGM each September. At the AGM all the positions are up for re-election.


All members of Vesta Rowing Club are eligible to stand for committee positions. Of course, a lot of the same faces are seen on the Committee from year to year, and that is partly because the jobs need some experience (e.g. treasurer or house captain), and partly because the members of Committee enjoy what they do. However, we are always looking for new people to join the Committee, not least because one day they will have to take over some of the ‘big jobs’!

So, the Committee welcomes new people to join its ranks to share their skills to help the club prosper!

During the weeks before the AGM, i.e. from mid-August onwards, a nominations form will be posted on the notice board in the club; this will be publicised both around the club and here on the website. To be nominated you need to be a member of the club and to have a proposer and seconder, both also members of the club. Any contested positions will be elected by ballot from those present and eligible to vote at the AGM.

Those seeking election to the positions of President or Vice President will need to complete the attached nomination form and seek the support of a proposer and seconder, as explained in the notes to the form.


The Committee meets monthly, normally on the third Thursday at 20:00, at the Club. The dates of the meetings are listed on the Upcoming Events section of the website. Exceptions to this are that in August there is not normally a meeting and the July meeting tends to take the form of a group meal to encourage less formal discussions.

Co-option/Other Roles

In addition to the positions laid down in the club rules, various other positions are sometimes held. In particular the Committee can co-opt into its number anyone who it is felt has specific useful knowledge (e.g. fundraising, sponsorship, new building) for a particular project. So if you feel that you have something to offer that is not mentioned, you can always offer it – the Committee won’t know what you might be able to do for the club unless you speak up!

The Current Committee

To give you some idea of the responsibilities involved, below is a list of the positions on the committee together with who is currently in that role. If you’re interested feel free to speak to them in order to get a better idea of what is involved.


Represents the interests of the club at the highest level and takes a lead role in event organisation and public relations exercises. Provides a link between old and new members and retains connections with overseas members. Leads and initiates fund raising schemes on behalf of the club and negotiates with local bodies or potential financiers as necessary. Acts on behalf of the club and its members wherever and whenever it is seen as being helpful. Provides advice and guidance to Club Officers and Committee. The position works as a support to the Committee and members, and should not usurp the authority of the elected Committee.


Oversees the running of the club by the Club Officers and liaises with the President and other officers in filling vacancies as and when these may occur. A non-executive member of the Rowing Committee who acts as a link between the Executive Committee and the Rowing Committee.


The Captain’s principal responsibility is that of overseeing all matters related to rowing (be it boats, training or coaching). Additionally, the Captain is the club’s representative at all levels inside and outside rowing and most directly, a contact with the other Tideway clubs. The captain will also be expected to lead and facilitate the Rowing Committee.

Vice Captain

Replicates the Captain’s role in rowing matters. The job entails helping the Captain and Rowing Committee organise the many practical aspects of rowing at the club.

Hon. Secretary

Responsible for communication with external bodies such as British Rowing, Companies House and Wandsworth Borough Council, correspondence with members, maintenance of Club records, creating the agenda and taking the minutes of the monthly Committee meetings and General meetings. Company Secretary of Vesta Rowing Club Limited.

Hon. Treasurer

Ensures that Vesta Rowing Club remains financially sound. Advises the Committee on financial matters connected with running the club, including the financial implications of new projects and other changes. Ensures that Vesta complies with relevant legislation covering taxation and accounting.

Membership Secretary

Maintains computerised membership records. Ensures timely collection and recording of subscriptions. Operates the Direct Debit subs collection process and, when necessary, chases up unpaid subscriptions.

Vesta Open Events Committee (VOEC) Chairman

Responsible for overseeing the committees responsible for staging the Vesta Scullers’ Head and the Vesta International Veterans’ Head.

House Captain

Maintains the fabric of the club house both externally and internally. Ensures that all services (showers, toilets, lighting etc.) are maintained in the best order possible and organises any repairs. Arranges for regular cleaning services.

Hon. Steward

Arranges for regular volunteer bar persons to attend six days a week. Organises rotas for Head Races and other events. Ensures that bar stocks (especially Jaegermeister supply) are kept at a sufficient level and that pricing is within the normal margins. Organises a regular stock take. Supervises room usage for parties, meetings etc.

Asst. Hon. Steward

Assists the Hon Steward in the above.


Involved with the creation of newsletters for the members and helps with fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. Oversees the website (in conjunction with the webmaster) as an information source for the members, as well as the public face of the club. Maintains social netwoking updates on Twitter and Facebook. Gives regular updates for news and results, publishing the results of the Vesta Open Events (sitting on the VOEC to enable this), maintaining mailing lists and aliases/addresses for the club’s officers. Receives (and reacts to) suggestions from members for improvements to the website and other online activities.

Entries Secretary

Liaises with coaches for crew lists and submitting race entries. Maintains the club’s race fees system, including updating the race fees spreadsheet and sending out tame reminder emails should accounts become overdrawn! Follows up race entry queries with event organisers.

Club Water Safety Adviser

This vital role involves being responsible for implementing ‘Row Safe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing’ and the ‘Code of Practice for Rowing on the Tidal Thames above Putney’, together with generally helping to minimise the risks to members’ safety.

Treasurer Vesta Open Events Committee

Ensures that the club’s events remain financially sound.