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Those of you who wish to object can do so \u003ca href=\"\u0026consentMessage=yes\u0026form_uri=sandbox-publish://AF-Process-71951c5c-310b-44c0-9667-4f69488dc689/AF-Stage-702afe7e-8b5d-4d6c-b578-41e038f14c7f/definition.json\u0026process=1\u0026process_uri=sandbox-processes://AF-Process-71951c5c-310b-44c0-9667-4f69488dc689\u0026process_id=AF-Process-71951c5c-310b-44c0-9667-4f69488dc689\u0026a=1\u0026CaseRef=20/3185/FUL\"\u003e\u003cstrong\u003ehere\u003c/strong\u003e\u003c/a\u003e, there are some bullet points at the bottom of the page that you may wish to include.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThe closure of Hammersmith Bridge has caused considerable inconvenience to both those that previously went over it and those that went under it. Undoubtedly fixing the bridge should be the highest priority and we hope to see funding approvals unlock work as soon as possible.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eIn the meantime, a ferry service would provide a short term solution. Whilst we would generally be supportive of the running of a ferry service, the route proposed by the Harrods Wharf developer would have a catastrophic impact on the boat clubs on the Hammersmith to Putney stretch.\u0026nbsp;\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eThis section of river is one of the most used recreational stretches in the country, if not the world. As well as the health benefits to participants, rowing brings considerable identity and economic benefits to the area, which would be put at risk by this proposal. In addition this stretch of water is where some of the best work in breaking down the participation barriers and social stigmas around our sport is done, in particular through Fulham Reach\u0027s Boats not Bars project, which would be put at risk.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eOperating a ferry service from Harrods Wharf would be impractical, and we have seen no detailed plans on how it would operate. In particular these plans do not include how passengers would board/alight the ferry at what is an extremely challenging point of the river. On top of this,\u0026nbsp;maintaining social distancing given a significant proportion of the time it is required is likely to be whilst we are living with COVID-19 makes it entirely impractical.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWe believe it would be far more practical to run a service close to the east side of the bridge, which would not impede on rowing and would be quicker to establish than building a new facility on the Wharf.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eDespite the proposer stating this proposal is based on feedback from the community, he has failed to engage with the group most likely to be impacted by the proposal.\u0026nbsp;Based on previous statements by the entrepreneur owner of the Wharf, there are aspirations to expand this proposal to offer services to central London, which would potentially make one of the busiest recreational stretches of water in the country unsafe to row on.\u0026nbsp;\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003ePlease join us in opposing this proposal, below are some of the key points of opposition:\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cul\u003e\u003cli\u003eA ferry from Harrods Wharf would be unsafe on one of the busiest sections of recreational river in the world, having a negative impact on activity in this conservation area.\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003eThe application does not include provision for a jetty, and without this it is not possible to assess the feasibility of the plans. If this sight is built on but it is not feasible to run a ferry then this would have a considerable negative impact on the visual amenity of the area.\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003eThe route detailed in the plans utilised the pontoon owned by Fulham Reach, which they have stated will not be used for these purposes. This is a significant deficiency in the development plans.\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003eThe application is poorly planned within the context of running a ferry service, and thus presents questions on the intention of the owners of the wharf, in particular as permission is requested for five years, but states they will only not profit from it for the first 18 months.\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003eNo consultation has taken place with recreational users of the river, those most likely to be impacted by the proposals.\u003c/li\u003e\u003cli\u003eThe design is not appropriate, would detract from the listed building behind it and is not in fitting with the design of other buildings on that side of the river..\u003c/li\u003e\u003c/ul\u003e\u003cp\u003e\u003c/p\u003e\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 20px;\"\u003e\u003ca href=\"\u0026consentMessage=yes\u0026form_uri=sandbox-publish://AF-Process-71951c5c-310b-44c0-9667-4f69488dc689/AF-Stage-702afe7e-8b5d-4d6c-b578-41e038f14c7f/definition.json\u0026process=1\u0026process_uri=sandbox-processes://AF-Process-71951c5c-310b-44c0-9667-4f69488dc689\u0026process_id=AF-Process-71951c5c-310b-44c0-9667-4f69488dc689\u0026a=1\u0026CaseRef=20/3185/FUL\"\u003eClick on this link to go through to Richmond Council\u0027s website\u003c/a\u003e\u003c/span\u003e\u003c/p\u003e","HasCommentsThread":true,"SeoTags":{"OpenGraphTags":[{"ID":"og:title","Name":"Harrods Wharf - A Ferry Poor Proposal"},{"ID":"og:type","Name":"website"},{"ID":"og:url","Name":""},{"ID":"og:image","Name":""}],"NonOpenGraphTags":[]},"PageURL":"","Comments":[],"UpdatedComments":[],"LastViewTime":null,"CanEdit":false,"CanPublish":false,"CanComment":false,"CanReadComments":false,"CanModerateComments":false}